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Fishing, Fisheries and Day Ticket waters in Herefordshire.


Awaiting listings for fisheries in Herefordshire

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Your Fishery Here,  Herefordshire, England

Tel: 01234 123456

Type of Fishery - Coarse Fishing - Carp Fishing - Trout Fishing

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This will be your link to your fishery in Herefordshire. A short description of your fishery to attract anglers looking for a fishery or fishing in Herefordshire. i.e.

3 mature coarse fishing lakes fully stocked with coarse fish for anglers looking for general coarse fishing or specimen carp fishing. Carp go to 30lb, bream to 10lb and there is a large shoal of roach to 2.5lb. Nets of 100lb are regularly caught. We have one lake is for trout fishing with the average fish to 7lb. Day ticket available, night fishing allowed.

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Free Listings

Fisheries and Day ticket waters for Fishing in Herefordshire, England


If you know of any fisheries or fishing in Herefordshire,
fishing holidays or fishing holiday accommodation in Herefordshire,
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Betula Water Herefordshire Tel: 01684 292533
Biddlston Pool Ross on Wye Herefordshire Tel: 01531 890455
Brake Mill Hagley Herefordshire Tel: 01562 745221
Brobury House Brobury Herefordshire Tel: 01981 500229
Canon Bridge Fishing Madley Herefordshire Tel: 01981 250240
Court Farm Tillington Herefordshire Tel: 01432 760271
Docklow Pools Leominster Herefordshire Tel: 01568 760256
Eardisley Fisher Hay on Wye Herefordshire Tel: 01544 340624
Evesbatch Fishery Evesbatch Herefordshire Tel: 01423 324896
Hambridge Lake Reading Herefordshire Tel: 01189 867430
Holme Lacey Fisheries Hereford Herefordshire Tel: 01432 273695
Holt Fleet Fisheries Holt Fleet Herefordshire Tel: 01905 620289
Lanford Lake Lanford Herefordshire Tel: 01299 829373
Lily Pool Ledbury Herefordshire Tel: 01531 890455
Marsh House Farm Hereford Herefordshire Tel: 01432 830787
Millpond Little Tarrington Herefordshire Tel: 01432 890243
Moon Pool Leominster, Herefordshire Tel: 01568 760256
Netherall Fishery Naeing Herefordshire Tel: 01992 468799
Pixley Pool Ledbury Herefordshire Tel: 01531 890455
Ravens Nest Fisheries Chepstow Herefordshire Tel: 01291 689564
Red Bank Pool Ledbury Herefordshire Tel: 01531 890455
RedHill Fishery Monmouth Herefordshire Tel: 07816 854301
River Wye Ross-On-Wye Herefordshire Tel: 01989 567775
Sion Farm Hagley Herefordshire Tel: 01562 730386
The Millpond Tarrington Herefordshire Tel: 01432 890243
Trippenkennett Farm, Three Ashes, Herefordshire Tel: 01981 580442
Wharf Inn Pool Fleet Holt Herefordshire Tel: 01905 620289
Willow pool Ledbury Herefordshire Tel: 01531 890455


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When contacting a fishery in Herefordshire please say you found them listed on

Thank you.



Free listings are listed in good faith and all information has been obtained from sources which are believed to be reliable. The free listings for fishing in Herefordshire have not been verified and you are advised to contact the fishery prior to making any arrangements. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of free listings.


If you notice any inaccuracies please contact





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