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fishing in Scotland, Ayrshire, fisheries and where to go fishing in Ayrshire


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Fisheries and Fishing in Scotland





Fishing in Scotland


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Fishing in Ayrshire and Fisheries in Ayrshire


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A short description of your fishery or the fishing you offer in Ayrshire, Scotland will be placed here to attract anglers looking for a fishery or fishing in your area.

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  Fishing Available

Trout fishing in Scotland Trout fishing

Salmon fishing in Scotland Salmon fishing

Sea fishing in Scotland Sea fishing

Coarse fishing in Scotland Coarse fishing

pike fishing in Scotland Pike fishing

carp fishing in Scotland Carp fishing



flag of Scotland Fishing in Scotland  Springwater Fishery Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland Tel: 01292 560343

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Springwater Fishery is a complex of three freshwater lochs. Fly Loch trout fishery stocked with fish from 2lbs to 15lb consisting of rainbow, steelhead, blues and brown trout. Bait Loch contains fish from 1lb upwards. Coarse Loch well stocked with Rudd, Crucian ,Common, Mirror ,F1 and Ghost Carp, Perch, Roach ,Tench, ,Skimmers, Hybrids & Chub


Owner .... update this listing

  Fishing Available

? Trout fishing

? Salmon fishing

? Sea fishing
? Pike fishing

? Coarse fishing

? Carp fishing




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If you know of any fishing in Ayrshire, Scotland or fisheries in Ayrshire, Scotland not listed on this page please ask the owner to contact





Fishing in Ayrshire and Fisheries in Ayrshire, Scotland


Eglinton Park Loch Eglinton Country Park Irvine Ayrshire Scotland Tel: 01294 551776
Kilbirnie Loch Glengarnock Ayrshire Scotland Tel: 01505 682191
New Haylie Fishing Loch, Haylie Brae, Largs, North Ayrshire Scotland Tel: 01475 676005
Springwater Fishery Dalrymple Ayrshire Scotland Tel: 01292 560343




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The for details of listings for fishing in Derbyshire have not been verified and you are advised to contact the fishery prior to making any travel or other arrangements. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of listings on this page.


If you notice any inaccuracies please contact





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