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Do you live in East Yorkshire?


Local Youngsters Needed For Junior Fishing Leagues 2015


Do you have a son or daughter who likes fishing and would be interested in competing against other youngsters?

Tansterne Fishery in East Yorkshire is looking to set up Two Junior Fishing Leagues for young anglers.  One league will be for 12 to15 year olds and the other for under 12’s.


In each match an angler will fish a different peg.
Example :
If there are 12 anglers in the league this would be 12 pegs. These pegs will then be used in each match for the rest of the league and each angler will fish a new peg every match.

Matches will start first week of June and the winners will be based on the best 10 scores.

The 12 -15 year olds will fish a 3 hour match on Tuesday evening from 6.30- 9.30.

The under 12's will fish a 2 hour match on Thursday evening from 6.30 – 8.30.

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see here for more information




Wheelyboat Trust News


The Wheelyboat Trust is a registered charity that promotes and provides wheelchair accessible Wheelyboats to fisheries and other waters all over the UK. It has supplied 160 Wheelyboats since it began work in 1984. Its role is to help and encourage venues open to the public acquire Wheelyboats for their disabled visitors and to help groups and organisations acquire Wheelyboats for their own use.




New Wheelyboat Launched on Galloway Activity Centre on Loch Ken

A wheelchair accessible Mk III Wheelyboat specially designed for disabled people was launched on Loch Ken at Galloway Activity Centre on 15th April 2014

Loch Ken is southern Scotland’s largest loch and is largely inaccessible to disabled people. However, Galloway Activity Centre’s new Mk III Wheelyboat will provide disabled people, their families, friends and carers with safe and independent access to the water.     arrow pointing to link   read more





Rutland Water wins 2012 Alan Faulkner Memorial Award

Created in memory of the Trust’s Founder President, Alan Faulkner, the award is presented annually to the game fishery that provides disabled anglers with the most outstanding service, facilities, opportunities and access.
The presentation took place on Wednesday, 1st August at Rutland Water Fishing Lodge. The main prize was a 4hp outboard motor provided by the award’s sponsors, Suzuki GB.


arrow pointing to wheelyboat trust link  read full report here page opens in a new window - close to return





Grafham Water's new Coulam 16 Wheelyboat launched

BERNARD CRIBBINS OBE Launches brand new wheelyboat at Farmoor Reservoir.

Chew Valley Lake wins 2011 Alan Faulkner Memorial Award


arrow pointing to wheelyboat trust link . .read full reports here

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The Wheelyboat Trust (reg charity no 292216)
Andy Beadsley, Director
North Lodge,
Burton Park,
West Sussex,
GU28 0JT
Telephone 01798 342222, 07860 650023
Twitter @WheelyboatTrust




Race for Claire Fund Raising Event


Fishing Match for Raising Money for Cancer Research UK



Arthur and Adam Penning


Adam Penning and Arthur Reeve

(unofficial Pairs Team)



Saturday 22nd June 2013

The Race for Claire Fishing Match

Sykehouse Fisheries Doncaster.

This event was held to raise money for cancer research in honour of Claire Penning, wife of Ben Penning, brother of carp angling expert Adam.


For more information or make a donation please visit Race for Claire

This event took quite a bit of sorting out and hats off to organiser, local angler Arthur Reeve and Ray Lane, owner of Sykehouse Fisheries for donating the pond for this fishing match.



 Some anglers and spectators travelled over 200 miles to attend. Sadly the fishing was hard going, due probably to the weather or spawning but this didn't dampen the spirits of those attending. In fact despite the lack of fish and big weights, everybody enjoyed the day and had a good time.

Also attending was Adam and Ben Penning and Arthur actually got a free fishing lesson from Adam, although this led him to being disqualified. Never mind Arthur, a small price to pay for tuition from an exert smiley.


All in all this event was a great success for a great cause.

At the presentation in the local pub afterwards Ben was presented with a cheque for a total of £1,067.62. This included a very generous donation from Hollin Bush A.C of £450.

Thank you from Arthur Reeve.
Can I please thank everybody who came to the Claire Penning charity match at Sykehouse Fisheries. A great day was had by all. Special thanks to Adam and Ben Penning for attending and my special friends Richard and Jackie for there help and support. Thank you to all the lads n lasses who turned up and fished, many of who had made long journeys and to Mick Chris and Scott who did a superhuman job selling raffle tickets. A special thanks goes to a great guy, Ray Lane, owner of Sykehouse Fisheries for donating the lake to us free for the day. Not forgetting my wife Linda for keeping me going, Jamie for his expert photography, John Burton and the Hollin Bush Pub for raising a vast amount of money for this match and the groupies from Norfolk, friends of Claire and Sandra and Paul at the Old George. This was one memorable day and will never be forgotten. Thanks to one and all.  Arthur.

Message from Ben Penning
Maybe once in a lifetime a complete stranger will go to great lengths to help you.
Today I was lucky enough to meet a handful of such people going above and beyond to raise an extraordinary amount of money for cancer research in honour of Claire Penning whom they sadly never had the pleasure of meeting.
I am eternally grateful for your warmth, hospitality and generosity today. Love and thanks to Adam Penning, Carp Angler for stepping in when my voice deserted me, Hollin Bush AC Ivan, and John for bullying all that cash out of the pub punters, Ray Lane for the free venue, and most of all to Arthur Reeve for making it all happen!!
It was Emotional!!! X



Well done to Arthur, Ray and everyone else who was involved

We could do with more like you in the world.








Environment Agency News


Drought status in East and South Yorkshire


April 2012

Due to a lack of rain in East and South Yorkshire an official drought status has been confirmed.

These areas cover the rivers Don, Rother, Derwent and Hull.


If the situation gets worse we could see lower river levels and some small streams drying up which will affect fish and other wildlife.

If you are a fishery managers or owner some advice is given below.

Suggested advice for river fisheries
Suggested advice for stillwater fisheries
(links open in new browser window)

If you see any fish in distress in  any waters please call the Environment Agency immediately


National Incident Hotline (24 hrs) 0800 80 70 60




Inniscarra Lake Autumn 2012 Fishing Results

Match Fishing in County Cork, Ireland


The 2012 Vintners Cup and Celtic Challenge Shield Results

These annual fishing matches held in County Cork, Ireland, were this year dominated by roach. Fished on the Inniscarra Lake near to Coachford, County Cork, the lake is noted for its bream but these failed to show due to the unsettled water levels caused by the ESB pumping station.


Results : -


2012 Vintners Cup

The 2012 Vintners Cup was won by English angler Alistair Ogilvie from Lincolnshire with a 3 day total of 49.50 kg  -

Day 1 - Peg No. 11 Garden centre section 15,600 Skimmers on groundbait feeder with worm hookbait fished at 30m
Day 2 - Peg No. 24 Rooves Bay Section 17,900kg Skimmers using same tactics as above
Day 3 - Peg No. 36 Graveyard section 16,000 kg of Roach on 11m short line pole tactics.

2012 Celtic Challenge Shield
The 2012 Celtic Challenge Shield was won by Charlie Greaves with a 3 day total of 47.40 kg -
Day 1 - Peg No. 33 Graveyard section 17,300 of Roach on 4.5m and 6m line to hand pole tactics.
Day 2 - Peg No. 9 Garden Centre section again 17,300 of Roach on mixture of 11m short line pole and 4.5m line to hand pole.
Day 3 - Peg No. 16 Rooves Bay section 12,800 bag of skimmers which also included a 1,500kg Tench on groundbait feeder tactics fished 35m.



Campaign for the Protection of Welsh FisheriesCampaign for the Protection of Welsh Fisheries

Aiming to safeguard and seek adequate protection of all waters of Welsh fisheries


'These fisheries are our inheritance and we are duty bound to see that they are passed on from generation to generation with abundant, healthy and well protected stock.'


Read the full Mission Statement with all its Aims and Objectives




Note :

All 'Fishing News' or other information published on this website is for informational purposes only and the facts have not been verified by, you therefore accept that does not take any responsibility for any omissions or errors.

If you do not accept this disclaimer please do not read anymore and leave this page.  Thank you.

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