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"We don’t bite, the fish do!"


by: Alison and Dave - Reflections Angling Project


Keep Kids Fishing


Henfold Bait and Tackle

“We don’t bite, the fish do!”

Henfold Bait and Tackle is a small but well-stocked tackle shop based in the beautifully unspoilt Surrey countryside. A friendly business run by qualified Level 2 coaches with a huge passion for angling, Henfold Bait and Tackle is your one-stop-shop for all you could need to continue fishing.

Although popular with local anglers for their extensive stock and excellent customer service, Alison and Dave are also keen to promote good fishing skills, making the sport more accessible to all. Working through the not-for-profit organisation Reflections Angling Project, Alison and Dave provide a range of fishing lessons and coaching for all ages and abilities.

Reflections Angling is just one of many organisations throughout the country dedicated to promoting angling. The project uses the recreational interest of angling to help young people understand and cope with the struggles of everyday life. It also teaches self-discipline, personal skills, encourages self-confidence and is a fantastic way of getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air!

Alison explained:

“Our passion for angling drives everything we do. Our vision is to create a self-sustainable community-based project where everyone can feel they’re part of one big angling family and benefit from a strong support network.

“To this end, it is important that we promote angling in all of its elements, to all ages and abilities in a fun, safe and informative manner. We believe in sharing our knowledge and skills as young people are the future of angling. If we can equip them with all they need to enjoy angling at its best, then we have managed to keep the passion and sport alive!

“Angling isn’t just about the fish; it’s about the wildlife and environment, having somebody to spend time with and listen to you, and having the opportunity to get outdoors whilst learning new skills. That’s our approach, and since we began the Project, we truly have impacted some of our students in a life-changing way. It’s deeply moving and inspires us to continue.”

Just like many other similar projects, Reflections Angling struggles to secure the funding required to continue operating. With some help from the large angling companies and traders, Alison and Dave could maintain their Project, providing coaching and support for all children and adults in need.

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To enquire about the project or to donate tackle, bait or if you can offer your time as a volunteer, please call 07956 043922 or email


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