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Roger Towelhead

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Catherine and Andrew  from Australia 19th September 2009

2 lb Perch caught at a private pond in Lincolnshire

Catherine from Australia 18th September 2009   Andrew from Australia 18th September 2009



Fish caught by Steve

Steve with Crucian Carp (left)
14lb 8oz Carp - Lincolnshire pond (top right)
Larger carp (bottom right)
Steve was going to make his jeans into shorts -
but changed his mind half way through - ha ha




Fish caught on a bunch of maggots


This 'Whopper' was caught on a bunch of maggots


River Trent Barbel caught by Steve B.



River Trent Barbel caught by Steve B







My Pix   Jim (fish-uk)


Two nice River Trent Chub

Two nice River Trent chub


Fishing from rocks - Fishing in Sydney Australia

Fishing from rocks
Sydney Harbour Australia

Fish caught when fishing in Corfu

Fish that I caught when fishing in Corfu
(no idea what they are)



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Fish caught in Thailand


Photo's Courtesy of Jean-Francois Helias.

Founder of Fishing Adventures in Thailand

Jean-Francois Helias is also an IGFA Representative of Thailand and freelance fishing writer who has established over 100 world records, both as a guide and angler

Catfish, Chao Phraya

Common name - Catfish, Chao Phraya
Local name - Pla Tepa
Scientific name - Pangasius sanitwongsei

Catfish, Black Ear

Common name - Catfish, Black Ear
Local name - Pla Tepo
Scientific Name - Pangasius larnaudii

Truncated Estuarine

Common name - Truncated Estuarine
Local name - Pla Kot Kan Lao
Scientific Name - Arius truncatus

Catfish, Grey Eel

Common name - Catfish, Grey Eel
Local name - Pla Duk Talay
Scientific Name - Plotosus canius

Catfish, Mekong Giant

Common name - Catfish, Mekong Giant
Local name - Pla Buk
Scientific Name - Pangasianodon gigas

Catfish, Shark

Common name - Catfish, Shark
Local name - Pla Sayu
Scientific Name - Pangasius Conchophilus

Catfish, Striped

Common name - Catfish, Striped
Local name - Pla Sawai
Scientific Name - Pangasius hypophthalmus

Catfish, Thickspined

Common name - Catfish, Thickspined
Local name - Pla Oop Kang
Scientific Name - Arius nenga

Giant Seacatfish

Common name - Giant Seacatfish
Local name - Pla Ook Dam
Scientific Name - Arius thalassinus

Hemibagrus Wyckii

Common name - Hemibagrus Wyckii
Local name - Pla Kot Dam
Scientific Name - Hemibagrus Wyckii

Hemibagrus Wyckioides

Common name - Hemibagrus Wyckioides
Local name - Pla Kot Kang
Scientific Name - Hemibagr. Wyckioides

Salween Shovelnose

Common name - Salween Shovelnose
Local name - Pla Kot Hua Siem
Scientific Name - Sperata acicularis

Many Thanks Francois

If you book a holiday with Francois say 'hi from Jim at'. Thanks



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