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Have you ever looked for a fishing item or info and had to browse lots of sites before you found it?

 -  or not as the case may be?   I have and that is why I decided to build


The goal of Fish-uk !

- to become *YOUR* ONE STOP informative and detailed online fishing directory


Welcome to has been online since 2007 and is a valuable resource for anglers and businesses alike. With up to 2,400 daily visitors (verified with Google Analytics August 2016) Fish-uk is a popular website among the angling fraternity.

The site is updated regularly with information useful for anglers including details of fishing venues, local and online tackle and bait shops, providers of angling holidays and accommodation and much more.

You will find a fishing tips section that is helpful to both beginners and experienced anglers alike and also a section describing the species of fish you will (hopefully) be catching. Check out the jokes section and video section and have a laugh

Using the search facility found on each page you can search Fish-uk's comprehensive database for any of the currently listed Fisheries, Tackle Dealers and Fishing Holiday providers in the U.K. Europe and Worldwide.

Thank you for your interest.
J. Boswell

All the information on Fish-uk has been compiled from my own sourcing or through submissions from viewers or businesses. I am expanding the site continuously by adding more information, fisheries, fishing holidays, tackle shops etc but I need your help. If you would like to be listed or have any interesting articles or product reviews; or if you are a budding writer and you wish to contribute a feature for this site then please contact me. All contributions are normally published within 48 hours and the sender is given full credit for anything that is published.

If you have any comments (good or bad)

or ideas that will be helpful in the making of this site, please send them to me.

Thanks and Tight Lines
Jim Boswell

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