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Carp Fishing Books

image of a carpListed on the 'Carp Fishing Books' page you will find a selection of detailed and informative carp fishing books written by various authors.


Carp fishing has really taken off during the last twenty years or so and is now regarded as a separate branch of angling in its own right, alongside coarse fishing, game fishing and sea fishing.


Some of the carp fishing books for sale are by well known carp fishing legends such as Chris Yates, Kevin Maddocks, Julian Cundiff and also the laughing legend himself, John Wilson MBE.


Chris Yates is a celebrated British fisherman and held the record from 1980 to 1995 for the biggest fish caught in English waters with the capture of a 51lb specimen carp from the famous Redmire pool.


Read about fishing tackle, rigs and baits for catching carp. Where and how to fish for carp and how to handle the fish when you have caught it.


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Coarse Fishing Books

Coarse fishing or freshwater fishing as it is sometimes called is the art of angling for freshwater fish other than game fish ie trout, salmon. This is a very popular sport / pastime in the UK for many people. The books in the Coarse Fishing Books section cover everything you need to know from what fishing tackle to buy to catching your first fish. Fishing for Beginners, Pleasure fishing, Match fishing or Specimen hunting
Whether you are a beginner, novice or expert, there is a book for you.


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Fly Fishing / Game Fishing Books

Mention fly fishing and you probably get a picture in your mind of a person standing in a shallow stream in Scotland fishing for salmon. This is not far from the truth but fly fishing is available through out the world on different waters, both freshwater and saltwater, for various species of fish. Fly fishing is the art of fishing using a rod and line with an artificial fly to catch fish. The line used for fly fishing is special in that it is weighted. This is necessary as casting a nearly weightless fly would be almost impossible. Fly fishing also requires special casting techniques which are described in the books in this section.


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Sea Fishing Books      

In this section you will find detailed Sea Fishing books to help you if you are just starting sea fishing and informative books if you are already a sea fisherman or woman. Topics covered include shore and boat fishing with guides to sea fish identification, sea fishing tackle, rigs, bait and lures.


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Kindle Fishing Books


What is a Kindle?
Everyone knows what a Kindle is but for those that don't . . .
The Kindle is an e-book reader. Books can be purchased online and downloaded to a Kindle via WiFi or 3G. These books are stored on a Kindle and can then be read at will.


Kindle is the modern way to buy, store and read books.

Many anglers have got bookshelves full of fishing books but now you can save space and save money by downloading most of these books onto your Kindle.


One of the well known fishing books over 300 years old is the The Compleat Angler by Izaac Walton and this book is now available for Kindle.


I have listed a few fishing books on the Kindle Fishing Books pages and I hope to be adding some more.


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Fishery Management Books

Fisheries Management own your own fisheryBooks on Fishery Management are a must have for fishery owners and offer a wealth of essential information, practical advice and guidance in trout, salmon and freshwater fisheries management.


These books cover the management, building, developing and running of a successful fishery.

Book contents include fishery construction, control of water quality, assessment of fish stock, fish nutrition, fish disease, suitable aquatic plants and much more


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