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Basic Guide to Fishing Methods

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This section of the site contains Basic Guides and information about the different methods used by anglers in the pursuit of catching coarse fish.


The following articles are not intended to provide expert advice but are simple guides for anglers, or those beginning to take up fishing with little or no experience at all, about how to get started with the different methods of angling and how to and when to use them.

Basic Fishing Guides do not go into every aspect of the different fishing methods (to do this I would need to write a few books on the subjects) but hopefully they will give enough information for you to grasp the principles behind the methods and will enable you apply them and catch a few fish. All articles are written using a simple to follow, detailed step by step format.


If you are a total beginner or fairly new to the sport of angling, I suggest you have a read of the beginners section and also the tackle and bait guides linked from the left of this page. These articles are primarily written to help the new anglers learn about the different fishing tackle, baits and methods so that they can enjoy the sport of fishing along with the many million other anglers around the world.


Guide to Coarse and Carp Fishing Methods





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