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For free fishing articles you have come to the right place.


On this page you will find links to all kinds of fishing articles, stories and write-ups. All content is from both experienced and novice anglers and are published with kind permission of the authors.

Among the articles listed you will find tips and advice on carp, coarse, fly and sea angling. Read about how to catch fish, fishing baits and bait making information, fishing tactics, boilie making and much more. Also included are (or will be) angling articles on fish species and their capture.

Read these fishing articles and you may pick up some good tips to help you catch the fish of a lifetime.


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These fishing articles have no explicit license attached to them but may contain usage terms with regards to the fishing article text or images in the articles  themselves. Please click on the website link and contact the author of the fishing article before using the fishing article for your own website, publication or other use.



FISHING WITH KIDS    General tips and advice for taking children fishing


FISHING IN WINTER    The Basics of Fishing in Winter and the Colder Months


LEARN HOW TO FISH . . . . The Basics


REFLECTIONS ANGLING PROJECT by Alison and Dave, Henfold Bait and Tackle   read article here




CARP and CATFISH Articles by Tim Richardson


Carp Fishing Tips for Beginners and More Experienced Fishermen Pivotal for Success


Winter Carp Fishing Boilies Pellet and Paste Bait Tips


COMMON CARP FISHING BAIT – Powerful Bait Detection Secrets!




How To Catch Big Carp & Catfish Fast!


Easy Homemade Carp Baits For Big Fish And Saving Money


AN EASY INTRODUCTION - A Beginners Type Intro To "Big Carp / Catfish Bait Secrets!"


HOW TO MAKE CARP BAITS – Boilies and Dough Baits the Easy Quick Way!


Making Homemade Carp And Catfish Baits - For Beginners!


21 Big Catfish And Carp Fish Meal Bait Fishing Secrets




Making Homemade Carp Baits And Essential Nutritional Fishing bait Ingredients!


Making Homemade Carp Fishing Baits!


Carp Fishing Bait Recipes And Secrets To Improve Your Readymade Baits!



Boilie Making by David Lloyd

A Beginners Guide to Boilie Making by David Lloyd - CL Bait Supplies


Boilie Recipes

with kind permission from David Lloyd



Articles courtesy of Jean-Francois Helias

Jean-Francois Helias guides angler to a possible IGFA world record


332 lb Mekong giant catfish - biggest catfish ever caught on rod and line in Southeast Asia!


'Beginner's Luck' – 154 Pounds Arapaima Caught on Fly


Taken For A Six Hours Ride By A 220 lb Freshwater Stingray!


The World's Biggest Carp Ever Caught On Rod & Line In The History Of Sport Fishing!

Founder of Fishing Adventures in Thailand, Jean-Francois Helias is also an IGFA Representative of Thailand and freelance fishing writer who has established over 100 world records, both as a guide and angler.



Fishing Articles from Australia by Bob Ives

Trout Fishing in Australia


Bait Fishing For Trout


Lure Fishing For Trout


Trolling For Trout


Bait Fishing for Bream in Australia


Bream Fishing in Australia


Best Time of the Day/Year For Bream Fishing In Australia


Bream Fishing Spots in NSW Australia


Bream Fishing Rods And What To Look For


Lure Fishing for Bream in Australia



Fishing Articles from Wayne McDonald at

Highly Effective Baiting Tactics Using Bread Crumb Groundbaits


Carp Bait: Treat a carp to its Favourite Meal


Fishing Article by Dennis R. Black

Discover the Secrets of catching Big Carp


Sea Fishing Article from Ocean Tackle Store

Sea Fishing Rig Building Tips


Visit Ocean Tackle Store





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