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A Guide to Fishing Tackle













Fishing Tackle
Also known as fishing gear and fishing equipment.

What is fishing tackle?
In general terms fishing tackle is the equipment a fisherman uses in the pursuit to catch fish. Examples are :- Rods, reels, lines, hooks, floats, weights - although hooks and weights etc. are usually referred to as 'terminal' tackle.

Hundreds of years ago, fishing tackle was simple and consisted of just a line with a hook attached to the end of it. Over the years, fishing has been vastly improved with the invention of poles, rods, reels and thinner, stronger line. Angling with the addition of these fishing tackle items, casting and fishing techniques have also changed considerably.

Fishing tackle, baits and fishing methods are changing every year, mostly for the best and this is good news for the fish as well as the angler.

If you are a beginner to fishing you will be amazed and bewildered at all the different types of fishing tackle available for the angler. Specialist fishing tackle for the carp and specimen angler, fine tuned tackle for match anglers, affordable fishing tackle for the pleasure angler and much more.


Pages in this section of the website are written to give beginners and novices to angling a basic description of the various bits and pieces of fishing tackle needed to catch fish.

What type of fishing tackle you will need depends on an number of things :-

1. The type of water will you be fishing  i.e. will it be a fast flowing river or a stillwater

2. What species of fish will you be targeting. i.e. big carp, general coarse fish, trout, salmon

3. What methods of fishing you will be using. i.e. float fishing, feeder fishing, legering, fly fishing



For details of individual pieces of fishing tackle, bait and other information, use the links on the left.


Tight Lines and remember, Fishing is Fun




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