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Guide to the Chod Rig - Fishing the Chod





Chodding a brilliant rig for Carp and Specimen Fishing.

There has been many articles written about the Chod rig and chodding so here I will just give a brief rundown.

What is a Chod rig and what is Chodding?

The Chod rig is, basically a pop up rig, enabling anglers to present bait over a choddy bottomed lake. The chod has proved to be a very successful carp rig and has been used by many specimen anglers to catch a lot of big fish.

Although a Chod rig can be used when fishing for most species of fish it is predominantly known for its use by anglers when carp fishing over weedy or silty bottom lakes.

If using the conventional ledger fishing technique on a lake or any water with a weedy or soft muddy bottom your bait could get buried and therefore not seen by a carp. The Chod rig was specifically designed for fishing in this situation. Using buoyant baits this rig will present your bait above the weed or silt no matter how thick the weed or how deep the lead sinks into the the soft mud.


The Chod rig can be adjusted so that the bait can be positioned higher or lower on the line according to the depth of weed or silt.


I could write how to tie a chod rig but below is a video that explains what you will need and how to tie the rig yourself.

For those who don't want to tie their own, ready made Chod rigs are available to buy in tackle shops.


This video explains how to tie a Chod Rig


chod rig


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