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The Maggot
care of your maggot
fishing with maggots


The Pinkie
care of your pinkies
fishing with Pinkies


The Squat
care of your squats
fishing with squats


The Gozzer Maggot

fishing the gozzer


The Caster
care of your caster
fishing with casters
hooking casters




Dendrobaena Worm




Bloodworm and Joker


Bread Baits








Paste Baits

making paste baits

using paste baits


Luncheon Meat

fishing with luncheon meat



fishing with cheese


Particle Baits
fishing with particles


feeding sweetcorn

colouring and flavouring
imitation sweetcorn


fishing with hemp


fishing with tares


Maple Peas

fishing with maple peas



fishing baits used by anglers in fishing


fishing baits how to prepare and use a fishing bait


Fishing with Squats


The Squat

The Squat is the larvae of the little house fly (Fannia canicularis) smaller than the common house fly (Musca domestica). The eggs are laid as per Maggots / Pinkies, in decomposing animal carcasses and hatch in 20–48 hours. In 6 or 7 days the larvae reaches pupation, which lasts 7 or more days when the adults then emerge to mate, thus beginning the cycle again. The total life cycle (egg to adult) is 15–30 days, depending upon temperature.

Care of your Squats
The Squat is bought from the fishing tackle shop stored in fine dark red foundry sand which must be kept moist at all times and not allowed to dry out. As with Pinkies a piece of bread soaked in milk will feed the Squat and keep it soft. Change the milk soaked bread when necessary and check the container and remove any dead Squats or debris. Before you set off for your fishing trip, change the milk soaked bread for a new piece.

Using Squats in fishing
Squats are almost entirely used in groundbait. Used in plain groundbait or continental groundbait they are a great holding bait for Bream and other fish. All fish like Squats and unlike the Maggot or Pinkie that crawls away and buries itself in the mud or silt the Squat stays where it's put. As a hookbait the Squat is not often used but occasionally, on a very hard day in the winter months when the going is tough and bites are hard to come by, some match anglers have saved the day by using a Squat as hookbait. As a hook bait very fine fishing tackle needs to be used, with a very small, preferably barbless, fine wire spade end hook of size 22 or less.


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