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The Gozzer Maggot

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Fishing with Gozzers

Fishing with Gozzers and breeding Gozzer Maggots


The Gozzer Maggot

The Gozzer Maggot is the home bred maggot. This is a super soft pure white maggot and generally only used as a hookbait.


The warmer summer months are best for breeding gozzers. If you want to breed yourself some Gozzer you will need a tin (such as a biscuit tin) a pigs heart and some bran. Obtain a pigs heart and make 2 or 3 cuts into it and place the heart on clean bran in a biscuit tin. Make a hole in the lid just large enough for the fly to enter and place in a dark spot away from the light. You will get a blow (a cluster of tiny white eggs laid by a fly) in one or two days depending on the temperature of the weather. Check for the blow a couple of times a day. When you see that the heart has been blown, place the heart in fresh newspaper and cover with bran to keep the smell down. Ensure that flies cannot enter the tin and blow the heart again. Place the tin with the heart away from the house in a dry place. WARNING .....make sure it is well covered with bran and IS AWAY FROM THE HOUSE because the decaying blown heart will stink, and I mean STINK!


Depending on the temperature, in 6 to 7days you will have perfect Gozzers. Riddle the Gozzers and place them in a bait box in fresh bran. Place in the fridge and keep as per Maggots, changing the bran as necessary. Gozzers are an excellent bait for Bream, Chub and Roach fishing. The only drawback from breeding Gozzers is that you do not get a lot of Gozzers per size of  heart. A quarter to half a pint normally, but enough for hook bait during a fishing session.


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