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A Guide to Fishing Knots




Learn how to tie Fishing Knots?


There are many types of fishing knots and each one is used for a particular purpose. Using the link below you can watch animations of knots actually being tied. You will also read about the uses of each knot, the tying and advantages of each knot.

Below is a list of animated knots.

Depending on how you tie two lines together will determine the strength of the knot. Tying an overhand knot can weaken the line by half it's strength. You want the strongest knot possible in fishing so it is worth learning how to tie certain knots that you will be using during your time fishing.

A couple of tips worth remembering :
Before pulling the knot tight, wet it with saliva. This lubricates the lines and helps prevent damage to the line.

Once the knot is tied, trim the loose ends closely as this will help prevent the knot from catching on any snags.


Knot for all types of fishing, Sea, Coarse, Fly . . .


Albright Knot
Arbor Knot
Australian Braid
Bimini Twist
Blood Knot
Davy Knot

Double Davy Knot
Dropper Loop
Duncan (Uni) Knot
Egg Loop Knot
Improved Clinch
Nail Knot

Non-Slip Mono
Orvis Knot
Palomar Knot
Perfection Loop
Rapala Knot
San Diego Jam Knot

Slim Beauty Knot
Snell Knot
Surgeon's Knot
Surgeon's Loop
Trilene Knot



Each fishing knot is animated, illustrated and describes it's uses and advantages.


blood knot image


Animated Knots by Grog







Article by Jim Boswell    Copyright




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