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UK Fishery Advert Form

Thank you for your interest in advertising your fishery with


Fish-uk is a comprehensive resource for advertising your fishery and promoting your fishing business directly to a targeted audience - Anglers.


The form on this page is for adding UK and Ireland Day Ticket Fishery listings.

If you offer fishing outside of the UK and Ireland and have accommodation or anglers can bivvy up lakeside, get your business listed as a fishing holiday



* Premium Lifetime Listings

£40 - One off payment

Includes Website Link


Promote your fishery with a full webpage. This includes the name of your fishery, address and telephone number, description of your fishery, type of fishing you offer, number of waters, species of fish in your waters, up to 12 images to show off your fishery and strategically placed links to your own website if you have one.


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Free Listings

No Website Link


Free listings are placed below any paid for listings and contain the fishery name and contact details, along with the number of waters, type of fishing, species of fish in the waters and and a short description for anglers.


Add a link to your website and an image to a free listing for £10



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NOTE: Premium Listings are placed above Free Listings.



Special Offer !

Promote your Fishery for Life with a Premium Listing


£40 one off payment   Includes Website Links


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Fishery Owners :

Apply now and pay a one time price of only £40 for a *LIFETIME advert on Fish-uk-com


Promote your fishery to anglers with a full webpage. This includes the name of your fishery, address and telephone number, description of your fishery, type of fishing you offer, number of waters, species of fish, up to 12 images to show off your fishery and strategically placed links to your own website.

You complete the form, send us images and we build the page for you.


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*This offer may be withdrawn at anytime without notice.


Example fishery advert

page opens in a new browser window - close window when viewed.


Advertise Your Fishery Here:


Please read the notes below and complete the form as fully as possible.

Your webpage will be built, usually within 48 hours from receiving the form content and images sent separately.


Please note.

This form is to advertise UK membership and day ticket fisheries ONLY, not waters fishable when booking a holiday.

To advertise holiday accommodation at your fishery please use the holiday form



Duplicate Text Content:

Something to consider that other advertising websites don't tell you.

If a webpage has a large amount of duplicate content (text copied from other sites or found elsewhere on the internet) Google now ranks these pages lower in searches. If substantial text is duplicated, Google may not index the webpage at all.  

For best search results please try to use original content for your Description




Up to 12 photo's free

1 Main photo - pixel size 450 wide x 260 high.

Up to 10 side photo's - pixel size 180 wide x 135 high

1  photo  - pixel size 100 wide x 100 high for advert link

Please send your photos as jpeg, jpg  - no bitmaps please

Large photo's will be resized accordingly


Email your photo's to




Information for your Webpage


Please provide the following information for your Fishery Advert


Contact details:


Contact Name





URL (www)


Do you want your email address displayed on your advert?

To deter spammers some prefer not to.

Yes No




Fishery Address


Fishery Name


Address (cont)









Type of fishery select both if appropriate




  Number of lakes / ponds



Fishing available:



Heaviest weight in lbs if present in your waters










Day Ticket / Permit available

Yes No


Membership available

Yes No


Disabled Access

fishing suitable for disabled persons


Waters available for Match Bookings

Yes No


Open Fishing Matches held at your fishery

Yes No


Fishing Facilities:
tackle shop onsite
toilets onsite
tackle for hire
fishing tuition available


Other  - please state





Silver bream
Common carp
Mirror carp
Leather carp
Grass carp
Ghost carp
Koi carp
Crucian carp
Rainbow trout
Brown trout
Blue trout
Sea Trout



Description of your fishery


You may find it easier to write your description beforehand using notepad or similar text editor and then pasting it onto the form.





Use this space for any other information not covered on this form:


If permitted, do you want this incorporated within your advert ?

Yes No




By submitting this form I agree:
I have full authorisation to complete this form and all content is true and correct.
I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of

I authorise to use the information contained in this form to build a webpage for me.


Name of person completing this form.   Please print





  to prove you are human please enter LIFE in the box.





Don't forget to email your photo's to
Please state in your email which is your
main photo



Thank you.


You will receive a confirmation email when your advert has been built.


If you have any problems completing this form please email


* Premium Lifetime Listing. Your listing will be placed on Fish-uk  indefinitely with no annual payments but may be removed if your fishery changes ownership. Once online any amendments may  incur a charge.




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