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Fly Fishing Holidays in Canada


Country Haven Lodge and Cottages, Miramichi

Fly Fishing Holidays in Canada Country Haven Lodge and Cottages, Miramichi

Fly Fishing For Wild Atlantic Salmon

Of all the angling sports, fly-fishing is the most passionate among anglers worldwide. There really isn’t anything in the fishing world more delicate then a dry fly slowly drifting in the current, or more powerful than a 'tug' from below the surface as the magnificent wild Atlantic Salmon hits your fly! Absolutely nothing can compare to the excitement of that very first fish taken on a fly.
The Atlantic Salmon is a renowned world traveller, spawning in fresh water but spending most of it's life in the ocean. After one or more years at sea, the Atlantic Salmon returns to it's home river to spawn, in an extraordinary journey that may span more than 4,000 km of ocean. After spawning they again return back to the sea the following spring and may return to the river where they were born a number of times throughout their lifespan, each time increasing in size and strength, providing a greater challenge to the fishermen.
The wild Atlantic Salmon is commonly known among fishermen as the "King" of game fish. Is it any wonder why many fishermen travel, on an annual basis, from around the world, to fish for this much sought-after species?


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At country haven, we are a family-owned and operated business, allowing us to provide some of the best price value packages along with the warm eastern Canadian hospitality.

We work closely with two Canadian, two U.S., one German and one U.K. Travel agent - all are continually working to bring you the best in airfare rates. For your fishing vacation, we can take you from your home anywhere in the world, to the home of the atlantic salmon, with our 'no hassle' all-inclusive packages. For the individual, family or group, we believe that everyone's needs may vary but our superb service and hospitality remains the same. We offer you a choice of an all-inclusive package or a custom package, tailor-made to fit everyone's needs, to the best of our ability.

Our all-inclusive packages include:
  canadian maple leaf  accommodations in a 4 star log lodge or private cottage
  canadian maple leaf  use of our 11 private fishing pools
  canadian maple leaf  all meals
  canadian maple leaf  NB # 1 professional guide service
  canadian maple leaf  fishing
  canadian maple leaf  day fishing/license
  canadian maple leaf  use of all necessary equipment
  canadian maple leaf  all transportation while at country haven with or without airfare
  canadian maple leaf  New Brunswick airport pick up/drop off (if needed)

The package can be for as many days and nights as you may choose but the most popular are our 3 day/4 night and 6 day/7 night packages.

Self catering packages include:
  self catering fly fishing holidays for wild salmon  accommodation in a 4 star private riverside cottage
  self catering fly fishing holidays for wild salmon  use of our 11 private fishing pools
  self catering fly fishing holidays for wild salmon  nb # 1 professional guide service
  self catering fly fishing holidays for wild salmon  fishing
  self catering fly fishing holidays for wild salmon  day fishing license
  self catering fly fishing holidays for wild salmon  can include NB airport pick up/drop off and transportation while at country haven or airfare at an additional charge

Gift certificates available:
Great gifts for mother's/father's day, Christmas, birthdays, retirements and even anniversaries


link to fishing holiday prices click here for prices and more information



Father and son:


Father and son fishing

We truly believe that there is no better place in the world to spend quality time bonding together as a father and son, than with the tranquillity of the river, fresh air, natural serene surroundings and the chance to hook a mighty atlantic salmon! This adds to an experience that will be etched in your memory forever. This program is ideal for the dad who would like to see his son catch his first atlantic salmon or the son who would like to get his dad on that fishing trip they have been planning. Our experience guides will provide the novice with full instruction on the technique of fly-fishing and the special attention that might be needed to ensure your father and son experience with us is a memorable one.




Group packages:


Group fishing packages


John Bailey and friends, UK

At country haven we are small enough to care about the needs of each and every individual fishermen and big enough to handle groups with the same care and attention. Whether you and a group of friends are seeking a fishing adventure, looking for that corporate outing for co-workers aiming to build a team relationship or interested in entertaining business clients, we have everything you need, along with our friendly helpful staff who will see that your outing with us is both a successful and unforgettable one.








Ladies Fly Fishing:


Ladies Fly Fishing

At country haven we have seen an increase each year in the number of ladies enjoying the art of fly fishing for atlantic salmon with our easy wading pools and accommodating guides. Many of our female guests have been enjoying some great success.



With all our packages we can include shuttle service from airports, accommodations, meals, guides, fishing licenses and equipment, if needed. Also, if you are a golfer, our packages can include a round of golf at either of our two quality Miramichi golf courses.

Throughout the year we occasionally offer Special Promotion Packages based on availability, value and easy accessibility by air travel from various locations to Country Haven. These all-inclusive no-hassle fishing vacations on the Miramichi River have never been so easy to enjoy! Both of the packages below (New Yorker and UK Special) have been offered since 2008 and have been so popular we have decided to continue to offer these two specials again for the 2011 season.



New Yorker - Miramichi Fishing Weekend 3 days 4 nights

  fly fishing weekend breaks  Direct flight on Continental Airlines departing from Newark NJ on Thursday evening, arriving Moncton NB
  fly fishing weekend breaks  Airport Shuttle to/from Country Haven.
  fly fishing weekend breaks  4 Nights of 4 Star Accommodation in Lodge or Private Cottage on the Miramichi River.
  fly fishing weekend breaks  All Meals, from arrival to departure.
  fly fishing weekend breaks  NB #1 certified Professional Guides.
  fly fishing weekend breaks  All Equipment - if needed - ( Rods, Waders, flies, etc.)
  fly fishing weekend breaks  Individual casting Instruction.
  fly fishing weekend breaks  3 Full Days of Fly Fishing for Wild Atlantic Salmon in our 11 Private Pools.
  fly fishing weekend breaks  All transportation while At Country Haven.
  fly fishing weekend breaks  Depart on early Monday Morning flight from Moncton to Newark NJ in time for another day at the Office.

( All this as easy as a weekend in the Catskills...)

link to fishing holiday prices click here for prices and more information

UK - Miramichi week of Atlantic Salmon Fishing 7 days 7 nights

  fly fishing breaks  Direct 6 Hrs flight on Canadian Affair from London (Gatwick) to Halifax Nova Scotia.
  fly fishing breaks  Airport shuttle to/from Country Haven.
  fly fishing breaks  7 nights of 4 star accommodation in Lodge or Private Cottage on the Miramichi River.
  fly fishing breaks  All Meals from arrival to departure.
  fly fishing breaks  New Brunswick certified Professional #1 Guides.
  fly fishing breaks  All Equipment - if needed -(Rods, Waders, flies, etc.)
  fly fishing breaks  Individual casting Instruction.
  fly fishing breaks  7 Full Days of fly fishing for Wild Atlantic Salmon in our 11 private pools/beats - or - Guided Whale, Bear & Moose

       Sighting Tours.
  fly fishing breaks  All Transportation while at Country Haven.
  fly fishing breaks  Depart Thursday evening from Halifax back to Gatwick.
  fly fishing breaks  Lifetime memories included..

Package are available INCLUDING or EXCLUDING airfare
( Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Canada is much closer than you might think...)


link to fishing holiday prices click here for prices and more information



Spey Fishing on the Miramichi

150 Years or so ago, a technique using long wooden rods and longer lines was born on a river in northern Scotland. Spey Casting was developed to overcome the challenges of fishing a wide deep river. Spey Casting has followed Atlantic salmon anglers across the big pond to some of the great salmon rivers of North America. Although single handed rods are still the most common method of fishing on the Miramichi, the past few seasons have witnessed a significant increase in interest in Spey fishing on the Miramichi, especially on the wider lower stretches of the Main River - an ideal location for both single and Spey Rod fishing.

Classes held in recent years have been so successful we have decided to again dedicate two full weeks in 2011, offered by world class Spey Instructors. All Levels will be catered to, so whether you are already experienced and want to improve your techniques or are a complete novice wishing to learn Spey casting, we will provide you with instruction to suit your needs, along with some of the best guided Atlantic Salmon fishing in the World.


September 22nd to 29th
A fully Inclusive 7 day Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Adventure on the Miramichi River.
This clinic will again be run by Bryan Martin, holder of both the Salmon and Trout APGAI qualification - the leading UK advanced professional fly casting and fly fishing instructors qualification, plus everything that is included in our all-inclusive week package, with or without airfare.

click here for booking details

July 3rd to 9th - and - October 2nd to 8th
East Coast Spey from New Jersey USA will be returning to Country Haven, this year on two occasions, and will be providing free casting lessons along with 5 full days of Atlantic Salmon Fishing on each occasion.

This is a great opportunity to fish with a Spey rod and get brushed up on your Spey casting techniques from two of Americas leading Spey Casting instructors, Jody Ploski and Andrew Moy, plus everything included in our all-inclusive package, with or without airfare.  (Note: Last year everyone caught salmon)


link for booking detaila click here for booking details


2011 Season Women's Special


Lady Anglers on the Miramichi


Lady Anglers on the Miramichi

Country Haven Miramichi will be dedicating the first 2 weeks of our September Fishing Season to Lady Anglers from around the world who would be interested in enjoying all-inclusive packages for Fly Fishing the Wild Atlantic Salmon.

These packages will include fly casting demonstrations in both single and double handed rod fishing, individual casting Instruction, and much more. These packages can be enjoyed by both Ladies and Mixed Couples who are interested in Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing.




601 Route 118,
Gray Rapids N,B., E9B 1G9

Tel/Fax: (506) 843-9010
Toll-Free: 1-877-359-4665(FLY HOOK)





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The Quality of guides can make or break a fishing trip. We are fortunate to have some of the best guides on the Miramichi. Our guides are New Brunswick #1 Certified Professionals with many years experience and fully trained in first aid and CPR. Our guides know our waters and will help you choose the right fly and equipment to suit the water and weather conditions.

What is required of a good Miramichi Fly Fishing Guide?

River safety and well being of clients at all times
Rigging up rods and reels
Assessing the ever changing water & conditions
Placing Clients in the best position to optimize their Fishing
Tying on the right fly for different conditions
Assisting with wading or walking to the fishing locations
Offering instructions with casting, proper fly presentation and proper catch & release techniques
Reading where the fish are
Interpreting rising fish
Checking equipment during the client's adventure
Transportation by vehicle or boat to different fishing locations
Operating motor boats, poling or paddling canoes to the best fishing pools for each condition of the river
Carry extra gear (rain jackets, rods, reels flies, etc.)
Netting the fish
Adapting to every person's differences and abilities
Insuring constant safety and success of each client.






Meet your Professional Fishing Guides


fishing guide Jeremy

fishing guide Elvis

fishing guide Darrel

fishing guide Danny

fishing guide Randall

fishing guide Pete

fishing guide Ken








click on any name for more information



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Whether fishing salt water for stripers, lakes for smallmouth or on a freshwater stream for trout and salmon, there aren't many enjoyments in today's busy world much better than nature's own stress reliever, the art of fly-fishing.

For many years, the Miramichi River has been a popular destination among fly fishermen around the world who are interested in fly-fishing for Atlantic salmon, trout and to a much lesser extent, shad.

Many fishermen coming to Miramichi are thrilled to land one of the biggest trout in the streams and this thrill is only surpassed, while using much of the same equipment and techniques, by the size and fight of the wild Atlantic salmon. The challenge of landing the much bigger species, the King of all the fresh Water Fish, on a fly, has hooked many a fly fishermen for life, and like the Atlantic salmon, they keep returning to the waters of the Miramichi .

Fly-fishing Season
The angling season for Atlantic salmon on most of the Miramichi River system is from April the 15th through to the 15th of October, the longest fishing season for Atlantic salmon in the world. The trout season runs from May 1st until September 15th.

Spring Fishing

Springtime is an ideal time to be introduced or to introduce someone to the beauty of the Miramichi and the classic adventure of fly-fishing. The Miramichi fishing season for the bright Atlantic salmon opens on May the 16th and fishermen can have some luck fishing for the early salmon runs, but the first serious summer angling begins around mid June when the start of the world's largest run of Atlantic salmon begins on the Miramichi river.

Spring Fishing the Miramichi for atlantic salmonSpring Salmon are fish that have entered the river the previous year, spawned in October or November, remained in the river throughout the winter and are now on their way downstream and back out to sea. After a long winter, the fish are very hungry and fishermen using sinking lines and streamer fly patterns can enjoy great success, sometimes landing between 10-25 salmon or grilse a day.

Spring Fishing the Miramichi for atlantic salmonLater in the spring, Salmon start acting more like summer fish and start jumping more while moving out to sea quickly. At this time fishermen might change to sinking tips or sometimes even floating lines, casting in the same fashion as in summer and using a smaller fly then in the beginning of the season. Although fishermen might land more salmon overall in the early spring, the late spring salmon tend to be the best fighters.

During May and June the Miramichi River has a good number of sea run speckled or brook trout that fly fishermen enjoy fishing for.

Summer and Fall Fishing
The summer and fall fishing season is similar to the typical freshwater fly-fishing that is practiced throughout the world. Most of the fishing is done by wading the rivers, normally using floating lines and a variety of wet and dry fly patterns. Much of the fishing is done while using wet flies, but over the years, dry fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Miramichi has become very popular and many fly fishermen will never head for the river without at least one Bomber in their fly box.

Summer and Fall Fishing the Miramichi for atlantic salmonThe wet fly resembles an insect or bug under the water surface. The most common techniques used for fishing for Atlantic salmon is to cast across stream on 45 degrees down river without retrieving the line till each cast has completed its drift.

A Dry fly resembles an insect floating on the water surface and traditionally uses the surface tension of the water to float. Salmon angling with a dry fly may be fished upstream or downstream. Casting upstream keeps the angler out of the view of theSummer and Fall Fishing the Miramichi for atlantic salmon fish, while casting downstream may cover a productive location where the fish might be holding. There isn't anything in the fishing world more delicate than a dry fly slowly drifting in the current or more powerful that the tug from below the surface as the wild Atlantic salmon takes the fly.

Although anglers might land more Salmon throughout the spring fishing season, fishing during the summer and fall runs also has its rewards as these salmon are arriving fresh from the sea and tend to be brighter, fatter, and pound-for-pound, the best fighting game fish in the World on a fly line.



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The wild Atlantic Salmon (salmo salar) meaning, "The Leaper", was named and described scientifically In 1758 by Swedish Taxonomist and Botanist Corolus Linnaeus. The Atlantic Salmon are born in the freshwater rivers and undergo many changes during their lifespan.

With the young remaining in the fresh water for two to three years before undergoing a springtime change, transforming from parr into smolt at approximately 15 cm in length, and then beginning to leave the freshwater rivers and traveling to the saltwater ocean feeding grounds. Atlantic Salmon from both sides of the Atlantic rendezvous in the water off Greenland.

After one or more years at sea, the Atlantic Salmon travel in an extraordinary journey that may span more than 4,000 km of open ocean, to return to the rivers, and the location where they were born.

In Canada, Atlantic Salmon spawn in October and November. The ability of salmon to jump falls and other obstacles in the river to reach spawning grounds has been a wonder for centuries.

The Atlantic Salmon has become an international symbol of wilderness and healthy rivers. Crowned "The King of the Fresh Water Fish" by Izaak Walton in his 17th century classic “The Complete Angler”, it has always lived up to its expectations.

The pursuit of the Atlantic Salmon with rod and reel dates back to at least the 15th century and carries a rich tradition that is still maintained by most Atlantic Salmon anglers today.

On a fishing line, the Atlantic Salmon has few peers! It runs hard and fast, leaping clear of the water, offering the angler an unforgettable thrill. The Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada is the largest producer of Atlantic Salmon in the world and this species of fish remains the most sought-after by non-resident fishermen visiting New Brunswick each year.



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The Miramichi River System
For generations, the famous Miramichi river has attracted fly fishermen from around the world because of its unmatched ability to produce the wild atlantic salmon. This one river produces more atlantic salmon annually than any other river in the world including the entire Quebec river system and is considered the 'mother' of all salmon streams. Much of the fishing on the main Southwest Miramichi river takes place in private water. Although this river consistently produces the most salmon, the tributaries of the Nor'west, Little Sou'west, Renous, Cains, Dungarvon and Bartholomew are also great rivers when their salmon runs are on.

The Main Southwest Miramichi River

The Main Southwest Miramichi RiverThis main river is only one of the few remaining rivers in north America where fishing rights are still privately owned. Due to it's size, it produces more salmon consistently throughout the angling season than any of its tributaries. With the exception of late may, fishermen can have a good chance of landing salmon anytime throughout the entire fishing season. . . read more

The Northwest Miramichi River

The Northwest Miramichi RiverThe Northwest is the Miramichi's earliest producing tributary and produces most of it's fish in June and July, and is considered the most productive tributary of the Miramichi river system.
Much of the success of this river depends on water conditions. The lower stretches are ideal for canoeing and fishing trips in early summer. . . read more

The Little Southwest Miramichi River
The Little Southwest Miramichi RiverThe little Sou'west Miramichi is a fast-flowing tributary that begins in the Christmas mountains and travels approximately 80 kilometres before joining the Nor'west Miramichi. Together, they travel another 20 km before emptying into the main Sou'west  at Miramichi  city.
The li'l Sou'west  has miles of great public water fishing and due to the remoteness, many pools remain uncrowded throughout much of the fishing season. . . read more

The Renous  River
The Renous  RiverMuch of the Renous  river is open water with the lower stretch considered to be an early run salmon river, but that is due to the salmon moving through the lower stretch destined for the early run tributary of the Dungarvon. The upper stretch of the Renous  river has its best runs in late June, July and the fall. . .  . . read more

The Dungarvon River
The Dungarvon RiverThe Dungarvon is a small fast flowing river and mainly an early run salmon river. It is probably the most consistent smaller river of all the tributaries. Much of the Dungarvon is public water but due to its proximity to the main river that is so consistent over the entire season, the Dungarvon occasionally gets overlooked, when fishing there just might be great. . . read more

The Cains River
The Cains RiverThe Cains is the longest tributary in the Miramichi system and probably one of the most scenic little rivers in the province, renowned for its great run of fall salmon. With it's natural beauty, wooded hills and gentle water flow, anglers have returned annually for generations, from around the world, to canoe and fish this secluded river. The Cains is probably the best fall atlantic salmon river in north America. . . read more

The Bartholomew River
The Bartholomew RiverThe smallest tributary of the Miramichi  freshwater system, the Bartholomew has its best salmon runs in July and early august.
A winding and secluded little river, it makes for some great canoeing trips when the water conditions are right. . . read more


With all of these rivers in such close proximity to each other and all producing at various times throughout the angling season, it isn't any wonder why the Miramichi river system has been the destination of choice among sport fishermen from all over the world for more than a century.



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601 Route 118,
Gray Rapids N,B., E9B 1G9

Tel/Fax: (506) 843-9010
Toll-Free: 1-877-359-4665(FLY HOOK)







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