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Details of British freshwater fish anglers might come across when fishing the waters of  the UK and Ireland



Barbel  latin name: Barbus barbus



Bleak Alburnus alburnas fish species



bream  - latin name - Abramis Brama



Carp Cyprinidae  Cyprinus carpio



crucian carp

Crucian Carp


chub -  Leuciscus_cephalus



Dace - latin name - Leuciscus leuciscus



eel - latin name - Anguilla anguilla



grayling Latin name thymallus thymallus



Gudgeon Latin name Gobio gobio






pike latin name: esox lucius



Roach latin name: Rutilus Rutilus



Rudd - latin name- Scardinius erythrophthalmus






sliver bream

Silver Bream


Tench latin name: Tinca Tinca




Wels Catfish


Zander - latin name - Stizostedion lucioperca



Species of UK Coarse Fish



Description, baits and methods of fishing for Rudd


Common name:  Rudd
Latin name:  Scardinius erythrophthalmus


rudd  Latin name:- Scardinius erythrophthalmus


Current UK Rod Caught Coarse Fish Record

RUDD (Scardinius erythrophthalmus) 4lb 10oz  2001 Simon Parry, Co Armagh, Northern Ireland


Description and Habitat of Rudd:

The body of the rudd is flattened at the sides, the back is blue-green and the belly a silvery white. the dorsal fin and pectoral fins are reddish-grey and all other fins are a deep red. Rudd are often confused with Roach but can be identified  by the dorsal fin which is set further back and starts behind imaginary vertical line projected upwards from the pelvic fins. The eyes have yellow to orange irises compared to a Roach which is red and the mouth of the rudd curves upwards.

The rudd tend to be a shoaling fish usually living in the lower reaches of rivers, backwaters and ponds with plenty of aquatic vegetation and profusely overgrown.



Fishing Methods for catching Rudd:

Fishing for Rudd is similar to fishing for Roach and the baits used for catching rudd are the same as for roach.
Float fishing with light tackle and small fine wire hooks is considered the best method for fishing for rudd. 


When fishing with casters, I have found the rudd, just like the roach can bite at your caster and leave you with an empty shell. Burying the hook totally inside the caster is worth a try and might be the answer. Darker casters are more buoyant in the water, so choose the darker caster to balance out the weight of the hook. This makes the hooked caster fall through the water at the same rate as your loose feed.

When using groundbait it is best to use a fine groundbait to cause a 'cloud' in the water. With bread flake as the hook bait, use a small piece and don't pinch it onto the hook too hard because you want little bits to flake off and tempt the fish.  If you retrieve your float and the bread is still on the hook you’ve squeezed it on to tightly!



Baits for catching Rudd:
small pieces of worm, small red worm, brandlings, bloodworm, bread (small pieces - either punch, flake or paste), casters, maggots, pinkies.




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