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Details of British freshwater fish anglers might come across when fishing the waters of the UK and Ireland



Barbel  latin name: Barbus barbus



Bleak Alburnus alburnas fish species



bream  - latin name - Abramis Brama



Carp Cyprinidae  Cyprinus carpio



crucian carp

Crucian Carp


chub -  Leuciscus_cephalus



Dace - latin name - Leuciscus leuciscus



eel - latin name - Anguilla anguilla



grayling Latin name thymallus thymallus



Gudgeon Latin name Gobio gobio






pike latin name: esox lucius



Roach latin name: Rutilus Rutilus



Rudd - latin name- Scardinius erythrophthalmus






sliver bream

Silver Bream


Tench latin name: Tinca Tinca




Wels Catfish


Zander - latin name - Stizostedion lucioperca



Species of UK Coarse Fish


Silver Bream

Description, baits and methods for catching Silver Bream


Common name:  Silver Bream
Latin name:  Blicca bjoerkna
Family:  Cyprinidae


Silver Bream - Abramis bjoerkna or Blicca bjoerkna


Current UK Rod Caught Coarse Fish Record


This record fish claim was ratified by BRFC on the10.07.09 - 2lbs 15oz 8th May 2009 Mr Phillip Morton Mill Farm Fishery, Sussex
2lb 2oz 2005 Mrs Christine Smith,  Mill Farm Fishery, Sussex
2lb 2oz 2008 Mr Alan Storey, West Sussex Fishery

Description and habitat of Silver Bream:

Silver bream are smaller but similar to a young common bream and difficult to tell apart. The silver bream is a fairly deep bodied fish with a dark olive-green back, silvery sides sides and white under belly. The fins are pale and may be tinged pinkish. As young bream and silver bream are very similar a fin ray and scale count may be the only way to distinguish one from the other.  The silver bream has 44 to 50 scales along the lateral line and 19 to 24 rays in the anal fin as opposed to the breams 49 to 57 scales and 23 to 29 rays.


Found in lakes, ponds, rivers, canals and still waters but the silver bream is not as widespread as the common bream. Silver Bream are shoaling fish. An average fish will be 8 - 10ins. Grows to approximately 1lb and a fish over 10oz considered a good fish.


Fishing Methods for catching Silver Bream:

Fishing for silver bream is similar as for fishing for Bream
Various methods including float, ledger or feeder but the feeder is considered the best method.


Baits for catching Silver Bream:
Worms, lobworms, small red worm, brandlings, bloodworm, bread (either punch, small flake pieces or paste), casters, maggots and pinkies.




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